You want to change everything and everyone around you, not just because you want to - because you believe it’s the best thing to do.

If you’re like me, working with computers daily for an organization with one or more products, you have to work under a certain amount of rules.

Some of them were in place way before you joined the organization and the rest of them were set up during your tenure.

You don’t agree with all of them, and that’s fine since we can’t please everyone but you are a true warrior, and you never settle until you fight for your beliefs, either it’s a technical, cultural, or behavioral matter.

Sadly, you’ll lose most of the battles.

Not because your beliefs suck. Not because the organization won’t benefit from them. You’ll lose because you’re against someone else’s beliefs.

I know you want to (continue to) work remotely. I know you want to do some functional programming. I know you want to focus on infrastructure and performance problems. Yet it’s not going to happen there.

Have a deep breath, stop fighting and embrace it, you still have the choice to leave and move on!